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Fic: "Shadows Over Mars"- Chapter 2
Title: "Shadows Over Mars"

Summary: Good things cant stay good forever. Even the most tenuous of grips on normalcy can be weakened. (Sequel Fic to "Life In Slow Motion"- Read It Here :

Characters: Obscurus Lupa, MarzGurl

Warning: Rated NC-17 for angst, violence, and some sexual content

Disclaimer: I don't own any of these people, the characters they portray or any other trademark properties therein.


Chapter 2- Living On The Edge Of A Broken Heart

"Man..." Lupa groaned to herself, once again rolling off of her blue-haired bed buddy. She grumbled as she, in her tiny single bed, tried to make enough room for Marzgurl to get up.

"You gotta get a bigger bed..." Marzgurl stated. Lupa averted her eyes as Marzgurl stood up wearing nothing but a pair of panties and an ill-fitting old "Gundam Wing" shirt. "Sure," Lupa thought, "we slept together, but I'm not gonna check her out."

As Marzgurl went about her morning routine Lupa languished in her tiny bed. She felt rested. More rested than she had in months, truth be told. But she couldn't help but feel like it was wrong somehow. That, in some slight chance, Marzgurl might have some unrequited feelings for her. Lupa realized that she'd done what Marzgurl couldn't and, more than likely, probably never would. Wrapping her arms around herself, Lupa shuddered, she felt slightly dirty. That little kiss on the neck. Jesu Otaku's lips had touched that mouth, and just thinking about it probably made Marzgurl crazy with desire.


Marzgurl was happy. Happy for herself. But, most importantly, she was happy for Lupa. As she showered, deciding to forgo returning to bed for more snuggling and lazing around, she pawed at the back of her neck. Lupa's kiss had surprised her. More than she'd let on. Slipping a three wet fingers into her clit she thought about Lupa and Jesu. The hotel. The perversion on display, unfiltered and raw. The orgasm was quick, hard, and wrenching, nearly dropping the blue-haired woman to her knees. Moments later, after cleaning her juices off with her mouth, like Lupa had done with Jesu all those months ago, she turned the water off.

"Got that outta my system." Marzgurl blithely stated to herself, speaking in a hushed whisper as she began to towel off.


As the water shut off Lupa quickly scuttled out of bed. Despite her best intentions to be an obliging housemate, Marzgurl's showers were still altogether too long.

Her bare feet cold in the early morning air Lupa walked slowly toward the bathroom door and knocked; "Almost done, Marz?"

The reply came quickly; '"Yeah."

Almost as quickly the door opened, Marzgurl stood in nothing but a towel tied above her breasts. "I'm gonna get changed in your room. I didn't grab any clothes before I came in here."

"Okay..." Lupa stammered, not expecting to see her roommate half-naked in front of her.


Alone with her thoughts as Lupa went through her normal routine Marzgurl got changed quickly. An old t-shirt. A ragged pair of jeans. She, thinking with relief, didn't have to dress enticingly for anyone. Sure, she'd given Lupa a little "tease" earlier. But that's all it was; a quick tease. Like baiting a hook to see if Lupa's bi-curious fish would bite. No bite. No problem. She wasn't going to force anything.

"I thought I would've turned her with that Jesu thing." Marzgurl's thoughts wandered. "Guess not."

As the bedroom door creaked open, following a token knock, Lupa strolled in, unsurprisingly fully-clothed.

"I always have Roses...." Marzgurl thought, a thin smile parting her lips.


"Its just not fair, Nella!" shrieked The Nostalgia Chick.

Another shriek. Another sob. Another outburst in what had been months of them.

"I know sweetie." Nella sat next to The Chick holding an arm draped around her. She hated seeing her best-friend since college in this state, but there, she realized, wasn't much she could do.

"Todd was crazy, Nella!" The Chick jabbed a red-painted index finger nail at a textbook, one of many sprawled across the women's shared coffee table. "He had a mental disorder. "Acute fantasy-based hysteria!"

"Meaning..." Nella motioned with her free hand to "get on with it".

"Meaning," The Chick paused, as if trying to remember an exact definition, "Meaning," she started again, "Meaning that Todd wasn't acting in a strong enough mental state to be qualified as criminal. He had such a hard time separating his fantasies- his story lines and narratives in his videos- from reality that he actually believed he was "in character" the whole time. He thought attacking Lupa and Jesu and Liz was the right thing to do. He believed that he was Lupa's "lovable stalker" and that they "belonged" together."

"Yeah." Nella responded.

"And Lupa had him put away." The Chick sighed. "I never thought I'd meet another guy after the abortion. And that bitch sent him away. Poor little sick Todd. I need to go talk to her. I need to straighten this shit out."

Nella pulled her arm off The Chick's shoulder; "Just don't do anything crazy."


The day, like most others, had been an uneventful one. After the morning's sexual tensions subsided Lupa and Marzgurl had filled up most of the afternoon filming a crossover review of a Cynthia Rothrock movie compared and contrasted with a female-focused anime.

Finally ending filming, Marzgurl flounced onto Lupa's bed. "Shit, I flubbed a lot today."

"No, you did fine." Lupa stated, sitting down at the edge of the bed. "So what do you feel like doing?"

"Napping. Then food." Marzgurl stated matter-of-factly.

Lupa absent-mindedly pawed at one of Marzgurl's socked feet, stroking her left sole with her index finger.

As Lupa continued stroking Marzgurl's foot her eyes went wide. "Why do you keep doing that?"

"Sorry." Lupa pulled her hand away, embarrassed.

"I do have great feet." Marzgurl giggled.

Moments later her phone buzzed in her hip pocket, on vibrate it was almost enough to send her over the edge. Answering it quickly she stated "Marzgurl. Texas? When?"


The call had come, literally, from the heart of Texas, which was exactly where Marzgurl had to go.

"Sorry honey, I gotta go. My old roommate just got kicked out. Asshole was four months behind on the rent. I need to go get my stuff."

Lupa pouted, "Really?"

"He said he'd take care of it, but he kinda fucked that up." Marzgurl tied her shoelaces as she spoke; "Hey, I have like four-thousand dollars worth of Marvin The Martian stuff to bring back here."

"How long do you think you'll be?"

"Probably a couple days." Marzgurl responded, throwing a few clothes into a travel bag. "Want me to call somebody to stay with you while I'm gone? Maybe Liz..."

"Shhh..." Lupa hushed her friend, "they're not allowed to write about her anymore."

(Somewhere in Canada Phelous, unaware of what's going on, grumbles; "That's just too meta...")

"Oh yeah." Marzgurl thought for a second, "I don't know. It's only a couple days."

"I'll be fine, Marz." Lupa stood up and hugged her as she spoke again; "Just be safe."


"Really? You want to see me?" Lupa asked in restrained disbelief.

The call had come not a half-hour after Marzgurl had left. The Nostalgia Chick actually reaching out to someone was rare. To Lupa, who lived half a country away, it was unheard of.

"Yeah. We need to talk. About Todd, obviously." The Chick chortled cheerfully. "I'm at the airport now. I'll see you in soon."

Still stunned Lupa offered a quiet "Okay" before ending the call.


Another night another episode. Nash sighed heavily as his co-host signed off. "Radio Dead Air", which had started off so fun, was becoming more and more of a weekly chore. An innocent victim, that's what Nash Bozard considered himself. He wasn't a player in Marzgurl's twisted game. No, he was an observer, watching every fucked up event and attempted murder from afar. Sure he felt sorry for Lupa. But that's where it ended. Marzgurl was a cunt. A relationship destroying, lesbian cunt. Seething at the thought of her he took a deep breath and a long drag from his "modified" electric cigarette and checked his Twitter. It was late, but one update popped immediately into view.

"Posted By MarzGurl at 9:45 P.M. - "Gotta catch the red eye to Texas. Gone a couple days."

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...This CANNOT end well...and yet I can't wait for more.

I'm going to offer a tiny bit of concrit.

You can't put fingers into a clitoris. You can put fingers into a person's vagina, but not their clitoris. The clitoris is a bundle of nerves, a bit like a nipple (for lack of a better example).

Fair enough. I probably shouldn't write when I've been drinking all night.... : )

Just driving by to say that I read your fics and all I have to say is I really like them. :) I like the logical progression of Todd going from ordinary stalker to downright psychopath -- I can just see it happening. And how Lupa and the others recovered from it. And poor Nash -- *Cuddles him* That has to be especially hard for him -- not that it was their fault per se, but I can imagine if I were in his position, I'd be slightly upset as well -- people do and think irrational things when they're upset. *Cuddles the entire cast as well -- except Todd, who she glares daggers at*

Anyways, great chapter! :D

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